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About Me

I am Caitlyn, a writer, explorer, athlete and blogger. I have an interest in the world and how it works, which has often gotten me into trouble! I am always ready for an adventure, whether it’s surfing in Sydney, navigating Berlin’s U-Bahn, or caving in Indiana. When I’m not adventuring I am writing, and my written work has been published numerous times in New Zealand. I aim to write honestly and with tact, however some of my pieces, especially the recent no barricades in these civilised places have, uh, stirred the pot, so to speak. I am a collector of stories, and I welcome anyone from anywhere to share their piece of the world with me.



Place: Iveagh Bay, Lake Brunner

Country: New Zealand

Main Activities: Swimming, sailing, boating and board games!

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Place: Chicago, Illinois

Country: United States of America

On the Plan: Camping, swimming, kayaking, sightseeing

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It started with a whimper, ended with a bang, and somewhere in the middle I managed to set fire to the New Zealand Embassy in Berlin.

From Where the Setting Sun Rises. Published works include: no barricades in these civilised placesThe Smell of SeaweedStars and Straight LinesGiselle and Pounamu.